Prior Boards



Gillian WrightCo-Director
Hart FogelCo-Director
Marissa CaldwellCase Coordinator
Elizaveta LavrovaCase Coordinator
Karl ReisCase Coordinator
Liam StantonCase Coordinator
Jackson RobertsResearch Chair
Emily GordonEducation Chair
Srini CherukuriAdvocacy Chair
Kevin WangCommunications Chair
Shiv ShahFinance Chair
Madison HeathCC/IRAPH Chair
Ashley ZhangCC/IRAPH Chair
Sanna AlasCo-Director
Halil BeqajCo-Director
Vanessa KalinowskaCase Coordinator
Jessica DingCase Coordinator
Amy BlockCase Coordinator
Marium SohailCase Coordinator
Anika NaiduResearch Chair
Julia BaraschEducation Chair
Amanda WangAdvocacy Chair
Diane HuCommunications Chair
Celine SchreidahFinance Chair
Sharon FengCC/IRAPH Chair
Emily HonzelCC/IRAPH Chair



Rebekah BoydDirector
Angela ChangCo-Director
Jane KimCase Coordinator
Henry ZhouCase Coordinator
Daniella GoniCase Coordinator
Cathy HaResearch Chair
Steve TrudeauEducation Chair
Jamie AronProgramming Chair
Simon LieblingProgramming Chair
Nick MorleyPublicity Chair
Stephen LeongFinance Chair
Adam RichterContinuing Care
Amy LabarDirector of Clinical Operations
Taylor O’GradyDirector of Organizational Operations
Anne Reed-WestonClinic Coordinator
Elise FraserClinic Coordinator
Leonard ChiuDirector of Recruitment and Training
Austin ChenDirector of QI and CC
Neha KinariwallaAdvocacy and Events Coordinator
Catherine TarletonAdvocacy and Events Coordinator
Latoya StewartDirector of Publicity
Catherine ParkerDirector of Finance


Andrew SudlerDirector of Clinical Operations
Elizabeth WangDirector of Organizational Operations
Barbara TrejoClinical Coordinator
Anna QianClinical Coordinator
Brandon MogrovejoEvents and Advocacy Coordinator
Fiona AngelEvents and Advocacy Coordinator
Cameron YangRecruitment and Training
Justin YoungFundraising Coordinator
Allan HuangQuality Improvement and CC
Shaheen MalickQuality Improvement and CC
Vicky RoPublicity Chair

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